Has anyone built, or does any know of, an available autogyro platform?

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Next platform in line to explore done some prelim concepts only todate but I am keen to follow through, a stable and when required slow platform that is also able to transit one location to another quickly depending on the mechanics installed is capable of a "jump" start fairly close to vertical, get in touch if you want to.
Check this out, it's not an autogyro but...:
I built and fly a PT Gyro. In many ways it is very similar to a fixed wing plane albeit with lower stall speed.

In low winds without some sort of assistance to get the head speed up the take off can be similar to a fixed wing aircraft.

Interesting, but I was particularly interested in an autogyro because of its greater flight envelope compared to a conventional fixed wing craft. AFAIK, a parasail design would be a step down in flight envelope rather than a step up.
Link, please?
I won't be in a position to start on this for 3-4 months yet. Any progress to report?
Nice Autogyro site!
Thanks to all for the suggestions. My next question regards payloads. I'm looking for a project which can carry enough of an electronics package to experiment with autonomous flight and data links rather than typical R/C gear. Before my retirement last year, I worked in homeland security and this is a pet project I never got to pursue. Work is being one on this, but it's all large, expensive UAVs. Smaller craft are generally not suitable because of wind sensitivity, hence my interest in the widest possible flight envelope.

Do any of you have any idea of how much of a payload your recommended projects can carry? I figure I can fit some pretty smart flight controls, data link, a camera, and one or two sensors in a small package well under 5 ounces.
Bob, I was friends with on of the Groen Brothers who have a company manufacturing AutoGyros... I probably could get some ideas from them on the platforms you might want to build. They have a lot of very interesting stuff on their web site http://www.groenbros.com/index2.php You might like to look there and then possibly get yourself a few ideas. Most of their stuff could be replicated in foam and by having the batteries and weight low in the bird getting your moment down low also which I think you will very much need for doing any kind of remote surveylance, or like what I would like to do is take stills from atop Mt. Temehane....

The brother I knew passed away a few years ago, but I have spoken with the other brother who still runs the company and was the original designer and pilot... He was a helo pilot in Nam, and this company is a dream of his. BTW I still have 14,000 shares of their stock.... Hoping that one day they might just break thru that rotary ceiling....

I joined because I was looking for almost the same thing..... blind chance I guess...

This is an area that I would like to shoot, it is too thick to get in and shoot it any other way but arial.. Our jungles in the south pacific are really really thick....

I fancy an autogyro as well, providing its a pusher, liked a Benson, I have only found tractor types so far. Stacks simpler than a heli and better engine off performance than our quads!

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