I have quadcopter F450 RTF assembled
Specification :
Main set size: 490mm x 490mm x 140mm
Diameter (length between two motors not adjacent): 450mm
Propeller size: 10x 4.5 CW &CCW
Take off weight: 850g
Safety take off weight: 1350g
Motor: 980KV brushless
ESC: Mystery 30A Simonk ESC
LiPo battery: Mystery 11.1v 2200mAh 35C
Flight board: MWC multicopter V2.0 (Gyro sensor*3)
Transmitter: Radio Link 2.4G 6CH transmitter+ receiver
Flying duration: 8-12 mins
Mystery B3 Charger
All in one (ready to fly)
Arm Color: Red/white/black/yellow
but i want to make it autonomous using APM FC. Is it possible to make it autonomous by just changing the Flight controller board by APM 2.8?? Is firmware available on ardupilot official site compatible with APM 2.8? 

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Yes, it should be straight  forward.

Just check the manufacturers compatibility of the APM2.8 which I am assuming is a clone Pixhawk.

The APM2.6 was the last 3DR branded 8 bit controller and it still works well using the 3.2.1 version of the Arducopter firmware and will do autonomous stuff.

The new 32 bit processors are in the Pixhawk and its derivatives.

Just be careful as there has been a lot of Chinese cloning going on of both versions.


apm 2.8 and pixhawk are not the same thing ! apm is 8 bit and current softwear not supported, pixhawk is 32bit usually smt32 currently supported , there no such thing as a clone they are open source boards , so any one can make and sell ... Pixhawk.com is the official sight 3DR just another company selling the boards, just that 3DR did help a lot for the softwear dev that the difference with 3DR.

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