I have a new build and ran autotune today. I have the tune mode AUTOTUNE_AXIS = 7

I ran Pitch and roll but I had to land before yaw was complete. I left the channel 7 switch which activated auto tune in the "ON" position until I landed and disarmed.

The ATC_xxx parameters are the same before and after this flight.

I am sure I have missed a detail in this process. My questions:

1) If it has to stop the 3 axis AT will it store the completed ones or just ignore all its good work? Dumb if it does but a simple fix. I'll do them one at a time.

2) In Mission planner on the Advanced tuning screen there is a check box called "Lock Pitch and Roll Values" Is this just locking the screen input so I don't mess up or does it lock out Auto tune? 

I am running the following version.

Vehicletype ArduCopter
Firmware Version V3.5.3


Many thanks.

PS watching autotune is scary on a big machine.

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Unless it completes all selected axis, it's not considered complete, and will not save.
Choose few axis at a time, or if symmetrical, only roll and yaw, then copy to pitch.

That's what I thought. I just got back inside from re-doing the AT on Pitch and Roll only. It completed and gave me a reassuring message on the Taranis. The PIDs have been saved. 

I'll do the Yaw tomorrow, weather permitting.

Thanks for the response.

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