• Is the baro now reporting actual field elevation when coupled to the GPS?  I show 5000 feet at start up and the baro does not reset to 0 when I arm.  Yes I have foam covering the sensor with enough room for it to breath.  I am at 5000 Field elevation that's why I find it coincidental. 

    Or is my sensor bad?

  • Im having the same issue.   Im using the 2.5 APM in a Multirotor and the altitude is way off.  what is the best way to cover the the barometer to make it more accurate?

  • Developer
    The barometer is calibrated at startup using the GPS. If you are indoors the GPS accuracy is limited at best, even though you get a 3Dfix there is an error margin. I'm not sure when the barometer calibration is completed in arducopter as I couldn't find a link in the arducopter docs, just some in arduplane
  • Nothing strange with what you write, read and learn more.
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    Do you have sonar installed? Keep in mind the baro is very susepable to wind, do you have it covered? Did you fly and try ALT HOLD?
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