I’m using raw sensor display to figure out why altitude is 41 meters with quad sitting on my kitchen table.  Also altitude is not steady.  Any ideas?  Is baro sensor faulty?

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Do you have sonar installed? Keep in mind the baro is very susepable to wind, do you have it covered? Did you fly and try ALT HOLD?
Nothing strange with what you write, read and learn more.
The barometer is calibrated at startup using the GPS. If you are indoors the GPS accuracy is limited at best, even though you get a 3Dfix there is an error margin. I'm not sure when the barometer calibration is completed in arducopter as I couldn't find a link in the arducopter docs, just some in arduplane http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/StartingArduPilotMega

Im having the same issue.   Im using the 2.5 APM in a Multirotor and the altitude is way off.  what is the best way to cover the the barometer to make it more accurate?

Anything that allows your barometer to breath and block sunlight. I used to use a piece of cotton, but when APM case came out I started using it.


Thank you for the reply.   I have a new APM 2.5 with a case.   Are you saying that with a case there should not be an issue?   I don't need the cotton anymore with the case?   The altitude seems to be off by about 20 meters most of the time.  Luckily it is 20 meter high and not low. 



My case came with a piece of foam that covered the barometer.

Ill have to look inside.  My case was already assembled with the board in it.   Does anyone know if the barometer needs to be calibrated or if it can be?


The case has foam to cover the baro. To calibrate go to the CLI (terminal in mission planner) and type 'test' 'airpressure' and it will calibrate.

Cool.  Thank you.


Is the baro now reporting actual field elevation when coupled to the GPS?  I show 5000 feet at start up and the baro does not reset to 0 when I arm.  Yes I have foam covering the sensor with enough room for it to breath.  I am at 5000 Field elevation that's why I find it coincidental. 

Or is my sensor bad?

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