Bad batch of XT60s?

I'm in the early process of my first multirotor build so I'm unfamiliar with how some of this hardware is supposed to look and be assembled. Today I opened up my bags of XT60 connectors that I got from Hobbyking. The males seem to have plenty of depth in the wire-recieving end to solder in the wire, but the females are very shallow - the hole only goes a little deeper than the flange while the males go almost a centimeter. Did I get a bad batch of females or is this how it is supposed to be? I got two bags of males and two of females and they all have the same difference. See pics below. 



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    There have been many recent reports of XT60s from HK that simply break without any stress at all.

    Maybe a bad batch?

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    There is no problem with that. To solder this nicely, begin with filling the little cups with lots of solder by heating the outside of the cup. That way you are sure that you have no cold joint. Then once the solder is filling the cup, put your tinned wire end in that cup and add a bit of solder to cover the wire completely. Remove your iron and hold the wire in place a few seconds until the solder hardens. Do not forget first to insert heat shrink tubes on your wires before soldering...
  • My xT60 wire connecting ends are the same. I believe the female outter ends are short and shallow is because the males slides all the way in the on the other side. Unfortunately the manufacturers dont make the female wire connecting end a bit longer so they can present something similar to the male wire connecting end with its deeper pipe.

    In the end it doesnt matter as long as the male and females connect.

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