• Hello Mike,

    I have APM 2.5 with HIL firmware. After reloading the firmware again on my APM 2.5 board, I'm getting Bad Gyro message on hud.
  • So i did some testing on the i2c port and its reading more then 3.3v so know I have to change the voltage reg and see if it fix the Bad Gyro Health issue.

  • Could be a 3.3v reg , or if you have it connected by usb and your computers 5v rails isn't up for it

    • yeah i've read

  • It means exactly what it says.

    The Gyros are not healthy.

    I once bought a HK clone and it came up with that message. 

    If you left it sitting while plugged into the GCS, the artificial horizon would move on it's own. Slowly at first but eventually picking up speed until after an hour the horizon line was spinning like a top.

    Have you tried re-flashing the FW.

    If you have then most likely You have a bad board.

    • I'm still new to this hobby. Can you explain what GCS and FW is? I would appreciate it. 

      • GCS - Ground Control Station

        FW - Firmware

        If you ever have troubles with a board one of the first things to do is reload the latest firmware.

        You will do this from your Ground Control Station being something like APM Planner or Mission Planner using their firmware update screens.

        Then try re-calibrating.

        • okay I'll do that.

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