I am using this Tx/Rx:

and this Camera set for NTSC:

and a 1.3Ghz patch antenna.

The signal is less than ideal. I haven't tested range yet because i'm concerned about the quality first. The video into my TV has about 70% recognizable, clear image. The rest mainly consists of large black blob-like horizontal lines traveling slowly up and down the screen. This is only on channel 7. All the other channels look like poop for the most part, and are worthless. What could be causing this?


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FYI this is illegal for use in the USA - you would be creating RFI in the military TACAN band and definitely will get busted! I believe the fine is 10 grand!! -KI6OYR-
is my 800mw TX legal?
That strong a signal would require at least a basic RFI management protocol, such as ferrite coils, clean wire runs, etc. as well as mounting the TX as far away from the camera as possible.

Are you testing this new toy by itself or with any other FPV/UAV/RC equipt?

Did the supplier not warn you about the possible spectrum violation? Most sites that sell this equipt do!
Here's the 'catch 22' - The transmitter itself is not illegal, but RADIATING it's signal is. So you could fire it up in a screen room or on the bench into a dummy load and not be doing anything illegal, until you put an antenna on it and radiate into free space. At that point, any amount of milliwatts is illegal! Even a ham license can't help you with this frequency. Maybe you can contact the vendor and exchange it for a unit in a legal band.
It's on a FPV/UAV Easy Glider Pro. What are you referring to by "clean wire runs"? Also, I'm using a CMOS camera and im curious if the line-scanning properties are causing the bad signal, therefore a CCD cam might be a better option. Do you agree?
I was referring to not twisting different signal wires together and making sure signal and power lines are not intermingled nor running parallel.

I cannot speak to the diff between CMOS and CCD.
I've moved the transmitter 18 inches away from the camera, added a ferrite coil on the transmitter wires as they connect to the transmitter, rerouted the signal wire from the camera separately from the power wires, twisted 12V and Ground for the camera, and twisted 12V and Ground for the TX, separately. Overall the image has improved greatly, however there is still a big black bar that moves up the screen, about 20% of the whole image.

I hate to take up your time, but I appreciate your input.

I've attached a picture of my screen as receiving.
Austin, strictly from an academic standpoint, you just supplied some info that could point to the cause of your problem by stating that the black bars are moving UP the screen (you stated up AND down previously). Do you happen to live near (within 10 miles) a fairly large airport or an outlying facility that looks like a large white bowling pin sitting on top of a building?
There is a small Airpark about 5 miles away.
Hello, has tried to connect the camera directly to the TV to see how you see the image without going through the tx / rx?
Yes I have, image is fine w/o tx/rx

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