im still lurking, and deciding which way to go right this moment. I have no flying experience yet so i dont know if im supposed to get a plane and learn the electronics first and then move up to a coptor or if i can just go with the copter from start. 

my question for here is, is there an average battery life that ill be seeing? 

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I can't comment on battery life for standard DIYDrones quad equipment, but to your first question, maybe try flying in a simulator and see how it goes. I think a lot of people jump right into flying quads. They fly so much differently than fixed wing aircraft that your skills may not transfer.

Some advice for you though... when you start out SMALL movements and adjustments are key.

that goes with my second question.. kinda.. 

can i use the ardusoftware to fly in simulation and if not, is there a suggestion? is fpv capabilities allready built into the software as well?

I have the standard DIY arducopter , 3DR frame and electronics, After doing my own testing one thing I learned was at first stick with what has already been tested. Stick with DIY drones parts for your project. You will have better luck and more fun. I use a 3s 11.1v 2200 mha battery pack and get a safe 7 mins of flight time. If I use 2 packs together = 4400mha I get a safe 12 to 13. Mins of flight time. I might be able to stretch my times out but I don't like to abuse my batteries.

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