Battery Reviews and selection for multicopters

Can anyone point me to where to find a decent battery review for battery selection for multi copters or otherwise and online stores to buy them?. I am looking to buy 4 batteries between 5000 to 6500mAh 3S and between 25 to 40C and want to make sure I get the best I can for a reasonable cost

I found the Turnigy Nano 6000mAh at HK but they have a restriction of only $75 for max purchase to Malaysia which is no good to me.

I found Gens Ace, Overlander, which seem OK for quality from the limited comments I found and they reasonably priced and Hyperion and Thunder Power have good reviews but are quite expensive.

Any recommendations and comments would be appreciated. Thx

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  • I use Sky Lipo batteries in my planes/copters.  But only because with shipping I can get them cheaper then the Nano Techs.  They are made by Gens ace as a Aircraft line and are usually in stock when the Gens Ace are out.  

  • Odd that Hobby King has the purchase limit, maybe they see a lot of fraud from Malaysia? I'd check out eBay which has a good selection of batteries and many shippers that will ship anywhere in the world.

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