Benefits of upgrading from 4S to 6S LiPo?

I just finished up a 680 hex Pixhawk build.  I'm using the DJI 600E tuned power system (ESCs and motors).  It's "optimized" for 6S LiPos.  I just had some real successful test flights.  13 minutes of moderate maneuvers.  It flew great, and I'm not unsatisfied with the flight times.  I've been considering updating the power supply into the pixhawk to go higher than the 4S limit.  But given that that's an expensive and frustrating process, I'm wondering if its worth it.  It's only going to carry a GoPro with a Tarot gimbal.  Long story short, is it worth the upgrade?  What are the benefits of having 6S vs 4S on this thing?  And if I was dying for longer flight times, couldn't I just get a 4S with higher mAh?

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