Best configurstions for Software in Loop Simulator

Hi all,

        Is it not good idea anymore to run SITL on windows 7 platform (with cygwin interface plus pyserial and other add ons) ? As I see has removed the previous SITL tutorial, which was showing instruction to run the SITL on windows 7 platform. Instead, now they are suggesting to run ubuntu inside windows with VMWare and then perform SITL ( Latest Tutorial). I couldn't understand reason behind it very well. 

       Please tell me , is it reccomended to run SITL with all LINUX platform or I can still do it on Windows ?. Or should I run Qground control with XPlane ?

       Also curretly I am following this tutorial from old website (Old Tutorial) and I am stuck at a step where we make 

$ cd ArduPlane
$ make sitl

I am getting the "C:/GIT/ardupilot/mk/ *** ERROR: cannot determine sketchbook location - please specify on the commandline with SKETCHBOOK=<path>. Stop." And I couldn't figure to set a path for sketchbook, though I tried setting up the path used in Arduplane IDE.


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  • Hi I've added the line to .bashrc as specified in the new page at

    Now when I cd in ardupilot/ArduCopter and then try running

    make sitl -j4, I'm getting the same SKETCHBOOK not found error.

    I cloned it off GitHub and have followed the instructions so far as given. I also didn't understand where to check for space in the directories as I didn't find any.

    I have no idea what to do and any help is appreciated.


  • I'm getting the same sketchbook error, except it happens no matter what I try and make. Anybody got an idea?

    • Hi Nizobe,

      I couldn't solve that but I stopped using that tutorial. Instead I started using the newer tutorial released by them ( ). I was able to perform the simulations successfully. 

      Which tutorial are you following ? 

      • Hi Anand,

        I'm following the guides from this page . From the section "Getting Started With the Code" from the beginning up til Editing with Eclipse. And then I tried the EZ walkthroughs as well. No luck :/

        I'm trying to modify the actual firmware for custom use so SITL is a bit down the road for me.

        • Hi Nizobe,

          Sorry It skipped out of mind to reply earlier.

          Are you trying to setup the the SITL or something else ?

          • No, just the code itself off GitHub. I discovered the issue was a path to my repos that had spaces in it. This didn't play nice at build time. I solved it by moving my repos elsewhere on my local machine. Thanks anyway!

            • A year later... I just hit the same issue and removing the spaces from the directory name fixed it. Thanks for the hint!

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