Bixler APM 2 mounting

Just wondering how people were mounting their APM 2s. We have a bixler electronics mount but it looks like the APM just sits in the open air current because the canopy does not fit.Are people ataching it, if so with what?What level are people attaching the APM?Have you found that there is a better way of attaching than the mount?Thanks for the input

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  • Will a APM 2.5 with top entry cables work in the bixler chassis sold by 3dr?

  • I mounted my apm2,5 onto the floor of my bixler 2. I simply cut a piece of foam to cover the hump on the floor and give me a flat bottom, then velcroed the Apm on the flat bottom. I places the receiver above the battery at the front, the GPS on the outside on top of that, and the esc on the side wall next to the apm. In order to fit my fpv gear/have better access, I cut a hole in the side under the wings and have my fpv battery, osd and wiring to my tail mounted video tx. Fits really nicely and perfect weight distribution. I did cut an extra air hole in the top of the chassis though because I found my battery was blocking the bottom air hole, and I don't want my esc to overheat.
  • Hi,

    I am very interested in this thread, since my APM2.5 will go into a Bixler 2.

    Having seen ronbows reply, I might use my existing bixler APM 1 chassis as a template and make a bespoke Bixler 2/APM2.5 chassis. In Germany we can get sheets of 3mm "craft" plastic, not ABS and not polypropylene but some polymer in between. The advantage is that it can be cut out easily easily with a craft knife and the edges sanded down. It is easy to make interlocking parts, which produce a rigid frame. If it works I will post details.


  • I bought the chassis for my Bixler2 and I am pretty happy with it.


    The chassis was not made for the Bixler2, as evidenced by the curved gap underneath and the fact that the backplate sticks up too high, but it is a solid fit. The chassis slips into the nose and could not possibly come out in flight. the backplate lays flat against the foam. In theory this is where you would put the small but strong magnets that come with the chassis. I have read reports of the magnets interfering with navigation, so I just use a couple rubberbands (not pictured) around the fuselage to hold the back down.




    - all components are held in place with velcro and/or rubber bands

    - the APM is on the bottom tray, inside the fuselage. I have side entry pins. Top entry would probably work, but might be tight

    - the uBlox GPS is too big for the shelf provided, but I don't think it will be a problem to have it hang over the front (have not flown it yet)

  • I am also interested in this. I was using the diydrones 'Bixler/SkySurfer Electronics Chassis' with my APM 1.4, but after a catastrophic 'landing' which destroyed the APM I need to upgrade to the APM 2.5+.

    Unfortunately, I don't see how the APM 2.5 (top-entry or side-entry) will fit in the space provided in the diydrones chassis. Have I missed something here?

    It would be great to see how other people are mounting their APM 2.x boards in their Bixlers. In particular, has anyone mounted it in the diydrones chassis? Any suggestions/photos would be appreciated.

  • I do not see any replies here, did you get some ?

    How did you mount the apm in the end ?
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