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What if any routine do you follow to prolong the health of your expensive brushless motors. I have only read of one person saying that he oils his bearings initially and then regularly afterwards.

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From what I read on the forums, most of the bearings are sealed so oil doesn't really do much. People swap bearings or motors after the recommend time. Some people check the motors by pulling on them to see if there is any give or play. I guess that is a sign that the bearings or motor should be replaced. I'm sure the motors in many cases could last longer but for professional flying you don't want to use a motor to the point of failure.

I'm embarrassed to say I have never done any maintenance on any of my motors. I did have one grow weaker after 5 years of use. Other than that, they just keep going and going. Oiling often attracts dirt, so it's not always the best option. Thanks for opening up this discussion, I hope to learn something.

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