Grand Forks, ND

About Me:

I am a Flight Instructor at the University of North Dakota. Graduated in May, 2012.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

My interest in Unmanned Aircraft started when I decided to take a few UAS classes for fun at the University of North Dakota.


Grand Forks

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Michael Klarenbeek commented on Acorn's blog post FAA - Notice Of Proposed Rule Making Regulatory Evaluation
"Great news!"
Feb 14, 2015
Michael Klarenbeek commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post USA Trip - Day 4 - The Longest Day
"Enjoyed the show! Nice work!"
Dec 5, 2014
Michael Klarenbeek replied to keith mann's discussion Brushless Motor care and maintenance
"From what I read on the forums, most of the bearings are sealed so oil doesn't really do much. People swap bearings or motors after the recommend time. Some people check the motors by pulling on them to see if there is any give or play. I guess that…"
Oct 31, 2014
Michael Klarenbeek commented on AKRCGUY's blog post We are tired of people saying “DRONES ARE ILLEGAL!” Here is real talk on what the law really is or isn’t
"I think things are about to get interesting. "
Mar 6, 2014
Michael Klarenbeek commented on Jethro Hazelhurst's blog post Pixhawk Infographic
"Looks great! Could always add the OSD connections."
Feb 5, 2014
Michael Klarenbeek commented on Benjamin Trapnell's blog post UAS Education - 3DR Helps Students Get the Most of Their Learning Experiences at UND
"Great work guys, looks like way to much fun! Need to get a picture of all the quads in the air!"
Dec 10, 2013
Michael Klarenbeek commented on Dimitri Pappas's blog post Safeflight Copters releases their first product
"Looks pretty cool, and durability looks good. I would feel much better flying this around people or objects rather than a 20 pound octo. I'll get one and modify it a bit to my liking."
Oct 30, 2013
Michael Klarenbeek commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New York Times on DIY Drones
"I enjoyed the article and thought it was a great piece about domestic UAV's. The program at UND I must say is a lot of fun, and has come a long way since the start."
Mar 18, 2013
Michael Klarenbeek commented on Matthew Beck's blog post FAA Grounds Local Aerial Photo Business
"This is what happens to people when you start a business that makes money doing something that's not permitted. Sure they can operate safely but this is a great example of why the FAA needs to have some type of license. Operating in a class B…"
Mar 16, 2013
Michael Klarenbeek replied to Nelson Hom's discussion I want to send fpv live feed video to phones.
"In one of the classes that I took at UND we built a telemaster with a goal of having a live video stream being relayed to first responders via smart phone or tablet. 
Here is what we did. (Free)
First; Your computer will need a internet connection.…"
Dec 15, 2012