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Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce to you the final "Pixhawk Infographic" that I have been working on for a while now... it illustrates some of the tips I have learned over the past few years and shows the components that I would like to use in my own personal quadcopter design.

For the full resolution image please go here (thanks to Gary McCray): http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/advanced-pixhawk-quadcopter-wiring-chart/

In my next blog post I would also like to release some of the original individual PNG graphics for anyone who wants to use them in their own diagrams! Hopefully some of this can be used in the wiki!

I would appreciate it if any mistakes in the Infographic could also be pointed out so that I can make adjustments!

Best regards,


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  • Hello Jethro, I am writing a scientific paper which is about to be published in a scientific Telecommunications Journal and I would like to include your Pixhawk infographic in it. May I use it? (since you have the copyright for it, I have to ask your permission). I will of course reference your name and your page.

    Thank you,


  • Hi J'Rome, I simply used a program called "paint.net", I made use of the layer tool to keep the layers separate. The entire infographic took a few months of painstaking detail and finishing.

    Paint.net is a great program and is open source!

  • what software/procedure did he use to create this schematic diagram?

    I am interested in doing this for some of my own projects.

  • Thank you so much Gary!

  • Is it just me that the Pixhawk seems geared primarily for the Multi-world and not so much for the Fixed wing platforms? Maybe I'm not looking in the right spots yet but it seems a bit light in the APM:Plane section. If the info is out there then where?

  • Hi John,

    Ive fixed the CW CCW directions on the Infographic with Photoshop and included a Quad motor location and direction chart.



  • Hi Jethro,  I happened to double-check this reference page and noticed that the arrangement of labels and rotation directions on the four motors of the infographic don't match the quad configurations (as seen from above the quad). While this may seem like a nit, some newbie may misinterpret the infographic and make an erroneous assumption during their first build. Maybe add a caution note that references the Manual (or just remove the motor numbers and direction indicators)?

  • My APM to pixhawk upgrade went fairly smoothly. I think the 3dr telemetry cable needed resoldering but its all working fine with rock solid loiter.

  • I already did Jethro, but they have the sluggish technical support.

    O well maybe it's my lucky day. I just got a $200 garbage! 

  • Perhaps you should contact 3DRobotics for support?

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