How can I build ArduCopter v3.1 (inside ArduPlane-v2.75 folder) for pixhawk?

If I use the github.com/dijdrones/ardupilot/ArduCopter I have version 3.2, but I want version 3.1 of ArduCopter.

But if I replace the ArduCopter v3.2 in the original zipfile from github with the ArduCopter v3.1 it will not build for px4 (with 'make px4' etc...). 

Can anyone explain how to do this?

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This builds and uploads the standard px4 firware right? But I want to upload the ardupilot ArduCopter (v3.1) to the pixhawk... how to do that?


This is the answer: You can get older versions (a.k.a. releases a.k.a. tags in github) by checking out these 3 links: 




Always use matching versions of these three directories, if you don't chances are it won't compile (correctly). Indeed, as you can see not all ardupilot release come with a maching PX4Firmware and PX4NuttX release, so possibly not all ardupilot versions can be build for Pixhawk. (Correct me if I'm wrong). 

If you use this guide http://dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/where-to-get-the-code/ or http://dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/building-px4-with-make/ and the links in there, you'll have the latest (developper) version, this might not be what you want. You for instance might want the latest stable release that MissionPlanner flashes to your Pixhawk when you select ArduCopter, -Plane, -Rover there. Checkout the version number of this stable release in MissionPlanner and look for this version in the three links above.

Enjoy ;-)

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