Burned connecter



Accidently, I burned this caple yesterday while I am testing my Xcopter I connected this connector (-) with the battery +and the opposite. I am new to this field so i took it off immediately.

However when I changed the burned connecter with  A  new one , the complete drone couldnt ARM.

So I am confused I tried to figure out what could be burned but I couldn't.

I am using a new Pixhawk 

6 - ESR 40A 

X8R receiver 

and a taranis transmiter.

My question is what could be burned from this accident in my drone could it be the PIXHAWK or ESR or ...?

The Pixhawk lights are flashing correctly.

I also connected with Mission Planner to see if it's working or not but unfortunately its not I can't calibrate my taranis mixers (panels)!! the green lights do not move!! it says (radio control is not active or turned on).

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  • You may have burned up a number of things. I would start with the receiver. Do you have any servos you can test it with or another receiver? This would be the easiest to repair. The other things that might be burned out are some of the IO in the pixhawk and these aren't so easy to replace. The ESCs may also be something to look at after you get the pixhawk working.

    • If you burned out the IO you would have to replace the co-processor chip, I believe its an STM32F3. This is no simple solder replacement unless you are good at soldering SMDs. The chip replacement cost is under 5 USD. 

    • Thank for the reply 

      I changed all of my ESR and the receiver but still I couldnt calibrate my PIXHAWK.

      I think it's some of the IO in the PIXHAWK that burned.

      How could I fix it ? or do I need to get a new one?

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