After checking the log of yesterdays flight I see that the status page wind direction varied between 260 and 310 (about 7ms). However, my observed wind and the local weather reports indicate an easterly flow at the time. Also the plane seemed to be trying to compensate for an easterly wind.

Is the planner using standard convention for wind ie your ‘wind in the face heading’ or the opposite?

I have checked the APM compass this morning and all seems fine.

What else could cause this?


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Defiantly something wrong here. There was a southerly breeze today but the status in MP was reporting a north wind. Aircraft seemed to ‘know’ there was a southerly so suspect it is a display/reporting error.


Hi Leo,

My indicator points in the direction of travel of the wind.

Hi Leo,

It's just a matter of conventions. The WIND mavlink message is based on a "wind vector", and gives the direction the airmass is moving. The convention for displaying wind is to give the direction the wind is coming from, which is the opposite convention for wind direction to a wind vector.

To make things less confusing, for the next release I will change it to send a "wind direction", ie. I will reverse the vector when sending the WIND mavlink message. That will make the wind direction match the convention.

Thanks for noticing!

Cheers, Tridge

Note: UDB uses wind vectors, not wind direction. It would be nice to have a MAVLink standard here.

Possibly best to have MAVLink use wind vectors (computer to computer ), and then it is down to the GCS as to whether to show a wind direction as in human speak, or a wind vector.

Thanks Tridge, that’s an easy explanation, in which case I think the wind estimate is quite accurate.

I was going to suggest a wind arrow up in the corner of the nav map (airbus style) until I saw Tims comment.

What indicator? Have I missed something.


Tridge, would be grateful if you would take a look at my post re- failsafe problem.



Please forgive my comment on displayed wind direction.

My brain overlaid the MinimOSD image onto the MP HUD resulting in yet another senior moment.

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