I just upgrade pixhawk firmware from arduplane 3.2.3 to 3.3.0. In 3.2.3 servo gimbal (2-axis) works well, but in 3.3.0 gimbal didn't move at all when pixhawk rolled or pitch up/down.

Then I am back to 3.2.3, and gimbal works again. When flying test, I have other problem. Plane suddenly goes down when switched to Auto or RTL mode. I push the both of reset button in Pixhawk, and install arduplane 3.2.3 firmware again, did all calibration..but have no change when in Auto/RTL mode.

Please help..


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  • One more thing, ArduPlane3.3 can be uploaded to APM2.6 but MissionPlanner is not allowed to connect. According to AP 3.3 release note, it supports APM2 without gimbal mount but not true?

  • I have same issue even with Pixhawk too so I downgraded to 3.2.3 and it works.

  • Is it really a pixhawk you have and not apm2? you say "I push the both of reset button in Pixhawk...." and as i remeber, i dont have it here, my pixhawk does not hava a resetbutton but my apm2 has... and in the release not for arudplane 3.3.0 tridge wrote this:

    "APM1/APM2 Support

    We have managed to keep support for the APM1 and APM2 in this release, but in order to fit it in the limited flash space we had to disable some more features when building for those boards. For this release the AP_Mount code for controlling camera mounts is disabled on APM1/APM2."


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