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  I'm using a Canon SX230 with APM2.5 and everything is working well so far.  I plan to put CHDK on the camera and I would like to command the camera to start an intervalometer script and also command the camera to retract the lens before landing.  The primary concern is protecting the lens during takeoff/landing.  I see scripts that allow a delayed start on the intervalometer script and I can shutdown the camera after X pictures.  This should work fine, however, I prefer to have more control over this and start/stop the camera manually through the transmitter.  I believe I can get solid 5V to trigger these commands on the camera.  Does scripting allow what I want or does someone have another solution for this? 

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Hello, you can use CHDK scripting with an interval to delay the opening of the lense and also closing the lens after a period of time. Thanks

Hi Aaron,

I had exactly the same question as you when I smashed my plane and camera into the ground a couple of months ago which caused the lens to be stuck. Luckily I still had a valid warranty and Canon provided me with a brand new one. (No, I did not drop the camera.. J)

So now for me the solution is to work with a servo switch (ServoSwitch V10) attached to the USB port and an interval script which is available here:


This lets you start the intervalometer when you want and stop/retract the lens before landing.

Little video I made:



Hope this helps!



I'm sure you can turn off the camera using a 5V pulse into USB with CHDK but I'm not sure if you can turn it on or start scripts. I think the script has to be running already. Maybe there's a way to write the script  so that it closes the lense and goes into playback mode until it gets the first pulse but I wouldn't bet on it. All of the less common features never seem to be supported in CHDK on the cameras I've used.

You can use the gentwire-usb2 cable, it should work with the autopilot. I havent use it yet, im looking info for using the V10 servo switch. But that wire seems to be working just fine.


Check that jeff.

A question, Jeff are you from the event 38 team?

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