I've set up my GoPro Hero 3's shutter to be activated by a Picoswitch (PWM controlled relay) and it works well. The Picoswitch is wired to RC10 on the Pixhawk servo rail.

I'd like to use a survey grid to trigger the GoPro using CAM_TRIGG_DIST so that Pixhawk logs GPS data every time the GoPro is triggered to take a picture.

My questions are:

Can a camera that is operated by PWM be used with the CAM_TRIGG_DIST option selected in the Survey Grid window's camera options tab, or does CAM_TRIGG_DIST only work for cameras that are operated by relay? (I have CAM_TRIGG_TYPE set to 0 for Servo)

If I can use CAM_TRIGG_DIST, what should my settings be for CH7_OPT and RC10_FUNCTION?

If I can use CAM_TRIGG_DIST, (and I select that option in the camera options tab of the survey grid window), do I need to specify SERVO, PWM, and CYCLE TIME?

Any help would be much appreciated - I battling frustration hard on my 11th trip to the school yard to try and make this work...

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          • We use the survey grid function to do the waypoints, but as our runs can have more than 170 shots, using any DO_ command for the camera would make the waypoint file too large.

            So we just have waypoints at the ends of our runs and the _DIST function does the rest.

            On some runs we are looking to 80% overlap so a fast camera is a must.

            So a waypoint file will have takeoff, DO_SET_CAM_TRIG_DIST, waypoints, RTL.

            That's it.

            • Thanks, Randy. That's a good tip about using _DIST to ensure the waypoint file doesn't get too large...

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