I did some searching and didn't see an answer:  Basically can I bind 2 air radios to a single ground radio?  I will only be using one at a time.

Currently I have a single ground/air radio and I'm buying another APM for another platform, so I wanted to a second air radio for that platform so I don't have to switch out radios.   Will this work, or do I need to buy a second ground radio as well?  (They're all on the same band of course). 

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  • I have a similar question:

    Can I use multiple air radios with a single ground unit at the same time?

    I would like to control a handful of drones from GCS. 

    Mav link can use up to 255 devices from what I have read, but I dont understand if I would need a 1 to 1 ratio of air to ground units or if I can use many to one?

    From the radio perspective is this possible?

    From the code perspective I know it needs work.


  • You can set 2 air radios with same parameters.

  • Presuming you're talking about the RC side of the operation, absolutely...that's how transmitters with multi-model memories function. :-)

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