Can Iris+ fly by autopilot


I'm a beginner. By reading this forum, I found that I can teach myself flying manually using very cheap drone (<100$). However, my ultimate goal is to do code the software (I'm from Android dev background) for the drone to fly itself. So I'm considering buying something that allow connecting with an autopilot (apm/pixhawk).

Does Iris+ ( serve that purpose: controlled by autopilot? 

Are there extra tips you guys want to share with me? Regarding what to buy, what to learn? 



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  • John,
    Tks, your reply confirms what I'm curious about, so 'in theory' I can do that.
    But I think I'll go down the path of assembling from frames and motors.
  • It's possible depending on the quad. Do you have a link to it?
    • John, 

      Here it is
      • It's technically possible but probably not worth the effort unless it's just for learning purposes. It would probably have are hard time flying with that extra weight. The motors and frame would be the only parts saved.

        You're better off getting a cheap frame and starting there. You'll have a much better experience. Or just get the Iris+.

        I started with a clone of the one you have then went to the first Iris. That taught me how everything worked and then I built one from parts.
  • Thanks John & PH for your replies.

    Now my next question: I have a generic RC-control drone bought in Kmart. Now if I wire the motors and the sensors to the autopilot, it will work?

  • Yes, most definitely the IRIS+ can fly an autonomous mission.  Check out Droidplanner2 which is the gold standard for Android apps for pixhawk class auto pilots.

    I started flying about a month ago with a QX micro that was (is) very forgiving and I'm so glad I did.  By the time the IRIS+ arrived I felt quite comfortable in manual flight and delighted with the auto flight (using Droidplanner).  

  • Yes, any aircraft with Pixhawk is capable of flying auto missions by itself.
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