I just bought a Pebble watch thinking that the IRIS could follow me on a wake board while wearing the watch as it is waterproof, The watch is connected with droid planner on my samsung tablet, it has 3 modes, Follow,Loiter and RTL with a button for each on the side of the watch. The watch displays the mode I'm in along with the battery voltage but I do not see a GPS module in the watch specs so does that mean I still have to have my tablet with me for the IRIS to follow me?

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  • Do you see the message "You pebble is connected." in the notification bar?

  • 3D Robotics

    Yes, you still need to have an Android device with you to provide the GPS data and connect to the vehicle. The Pebble is just control interface, which is easier to use when active than the Android device (which can be placed in a waterproof bag and carried on your belt)

    • Thanks for the info Chris, your right it is easy to control with the pebble, one thing funny about my pebble, the dam thing won't keep time, I've had to reset the time every other day and its off by 15 to 20 mins, I hope its better at flying than being a watch.LOL

    • Chris is there an app for the Pebble or just the connection between the tablet and the watch?  The directions on the 3DR website don't exactly match what is now seen in Droidplanner- Settings - Advanced - then  Update Pebble but nothing happens for me.

      Also, do you know if you can have another (2 sources) Bluetooth source connected to Droidplanner.  I'm using the Bluetooth bridge to eliminate the wires and antenna connected to my Nexus & tablet.  I also tried the traditional way using the cable and antenna but had no success conecting either with the Pebble.

      • 3D Robotics

        Yes, there is an app for the Pebble. DroidPlanner should load that for you (it works fine on mine).  What version of DroidPlanner are you using?

        Yes, you can have both Pebble and a BT link to your copter connected to your Android device at the same time. That's actually my default configuration. 

        • I'm using V2.7.10_RC2. Should I be able to download the app directly from the Pebble site/app or only while connected to DP2.0?
          • The pebble app can only be installed through the DroidPlanner settings menu.  The pebble obviously needs to be connected to do this, which means the pebble app needs to be installed on the device.  Do you get any error message when you try it?

            • I get nothing.  By pebble app you mean the "Hello" orange Pebble icon?

              • Yes.  Is that installed?

                • Got it now, thanks Seb!

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