Can this affect level so badly?

So I bought one of these things (or one exactly like it), because once while learning fpv I backed into a tree and it took me a couple minutes to figure out which direction my quad was. No big deal, but I could see where it could possibly be a real big problem someday.

So any ways I found myself alone in the park again and I decided to give this thing a try. I connected it between ESC #4 and the APM2.0. I went back to my computer after connecting power and to wait for the GPS Fix. When I looked at the HUD, I saw my quad was a whopping 40 or 45 degree's slanted to the left. 


So I walked back over to the quad (GPS had 3d fix now) and gently spun up the motors... And truly yes, my quad leaned HARD left as I tested throttle up. 

So I removed this tiny thing (it's about as big as a US dime or 1cm), reconnected power, went back to my computer, and checked the hud and it was fine. (and it flew fine)





Can something this tiny really affect level so dramatically? Or did I just happen on some co-incidence and rebooting would have fixed level anyways?

Didn't attach logs, cause I'm not sure they would show anything except that "yeah, it's not level".

v2.9.1, APM2.0, Quad. 


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  • Alrighty, so my level problem has returned a couple more times. Today, when I went to take off, my copter leaned hard. I went over to it, hit reset, the quad rebooted, and it was fine. I don't get it. 

    After that it flew ~2k mission without a hitch. Is my APM 2.0 going bad or is this a software thingy?

  • Yes I've had problems with the HUD rolling all over from plugging and LED in the wrong output port - where did you plug it in ?

  • WTF is it?

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Aug 25