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I've recently changed firmware v2.8 to 3.1.2, calibrated radio and accelerometer, and APM is not arming anymore. I also change ESC's to HK's Simonk, but everything else, including radio and its settings stay same. Red flashes withsingle interval and nothing changes wit stick down-right.

The board probably has crappy compass(it sends no data when enabled) but I've disabled it and this had no effect on arming APM with previous firmware.

I also know that some sort of bad TX shamanism has been required to arm early APM versions. Unfortunately, I can't remember it, and in addition to main question would be thankful if someone helped me to recall.

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  • Glad that you've solved the problem. I have ran into similar problem (Arducopter 3.0.1)

    My problem solved when I execute the last troubleshooting step in the wiki at https://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Troubleshooting#I_can...

    11. If all that doesn't work, you may be stuck in a "calibration loop" (a failed calibration left the calibration flag set in the APM EEPROM). Go into the CLI (MP Terminal Tab) and do a Setup/Erase (this will clear your EEPROM) and then reload your ArduCopter firmware via the MP and try the RC calibration again.

  • I recommend checking the advanced parameters, compass mott offsets and making sure none of them have non-numerical "nan" values in there.  I had the same problem after I udpated firmware and ran compassmot, somehow it messed up and put a couple of "nan" in the compasmott offset parameters that should be numerical numbers.   With the "nans" in there it caused my compass and horizon to drift erratically and I was unable to arm. 

    Edit: this was with a pixhawk though so not sure if it would apply to an APM, but its a quick thing to check. 

  • Same here I updated firmware from 3.01 to 3.1.2 and my failsafe throttle value was blocking my arming. Reverted back to 3.01 and its arms fine. There must be a bug in 3.1.2 for some 2.5apm boards. 

    • Thanks for that info Michael.  How do I revert back to 3.01?

      • In your Mission Planner, Initial Setup tab, then select install firmware, All the aircrafts will show on screen, look on the bottom right you can pick previous firmware.

        • MP cannot load previous firmware list. I don't know if this happen because firmware generator site is not working, or there's a MP bug. So one can go directly to http://firmware.diydrones.com/Copter/ , download appropriate .hex and open it in MissionPlanner.

  • Now arming ok on 3.1.2 too, after reflashing back again. Still don't know what has this been. Maybe the wrong flight mode? I believe I checked it at the first time...

    • Im having the same problem.  Cant arm with the new software.  What did you do to resolve

      • Just reflashed. Than checked current flight mode and disabled pre-arm check.

        • I had a problem arming and what I found was the rtl switch was on and when I tuned it off it still would not arm. I had to switch from stabilize to alt hold and back to stabilize.
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