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I love anything that flies.

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I use Skysurfer and APM 2.6 :-)



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Jerry Simo commented on Scott Berfield's blog post Adding External LED Indicators and a Piezo Beeper for Arm and GPS Status
"Can someone help me, I accidently burnt a part in my rctimer annunciator circuit because of a wrong polarity (+/-) cable plug, I guess it's a regulator that blew off. Anybody know what kind of regulator type (or maybe any other electronic part) that…"
Sep 22, 2015
Jerry Simo replied to Sayan Andriyanov's discussion Cannot arm Arducopter 3 on APM2.52. V2.8 hadn't that problem. Pre-arm check disabled.
"Glad that you've solved the problem. I have ran into similar problem (Arducopter 3.0.1)
My problem solved when I execute the last troubleshooting step in the wiki at https://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Troubleshooting#I_can...

11. If all…"
Jul 25, 2014
Jerry Simo commented on Bart Theys's blog post Design of a multi-rotor VTOL UAV and docking station for automated aerial transport
"Awesome work guys!!
IMHO, to do a full automatic flight, I think you have to set up a simple control guide which consist of a windsock and airspeed sensor placed at the base station to provide data to the VertiKUL so it can choose how to approach…"
Jul 15, 2014
Jerry Simo commented on u4eake's blog post Crossing the English Channel (France-England) and back autonomously
"I don't know about the English-French cross border regulation.
But I think the flight should be easier get the permit regarding that you'll only fly about 100m. I learne from this youtube link, that it is below the lower Class E limit, which is…"
Jul 26, 2013
Jerry Simo commented on Jason Short's blog post Flying Golden Gate Park
"I hope next time you aim the camera a little bit lower, let say, 25% the sky and 75% the ground, so we may enjoy more scenery of the park down below.
Anyway, it's a great flight. :-)"
Jul 25, 2013