Cannot find Accel log data, help please.


Got my Quad flying with 2.9 after some time.  I have downloaded the logs but can't seem to find where the Accel X/Y/Z data is to check the vibration.  Can some explain where I would find this in the log, there seems to be 100's of lines of data.



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  • @Richard Boyhan
    I found solution here thanks.
  • I need help too.pls

  • T3
    Scroll way down till you come to a row label raw. Click on any item in the row and the headings will change to show you the values. Pick the Z data and click the graph button above. If you don't see any raw data, you need to go to terminal mode, connect to the APM type Logs then I believe the command is Enable Raw. You can type a ? at any prompt and the command line interface in the terminal mode will display options you can type. Kind of a like a help file. Very handy.
    Good luck,
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