Canon CHDK APM Connection Schematic?

Does anyone have a drawing or information on how to make your own adapter to hook a Canon camera up to the APM? Would like to make the one with two connections to the APM so I can trigger by distance as referenced in the tutorial.



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  • Hi Dennis,

    i connect canon usb to A09 pin and APM control the camera using Camm_trigg_dist.


    1) in auto trigger by using CAM_TRIGG_DIST , do i need to install xxx.bas script to chdk? as per wiki said

    2) in manual trigger, is that  correct  i just select option ch7 or ch8 to trigger shutter camera using any radio switch? any idea how is the setup.? how ch7 or ch8 send signal to A09 pin?


  • I´ve been working a hole day with this servo switch from 3d robotics. I bought it because i saw this guy using it in this video. So i started to look information about it, how is the setup, etc. I couldnt fin a thing, so i just saw the video over and over again, and well i put it together, and start playing with it.

    On the other hand, my SX260 hs canon camera with chdk, trigger the script remotely when the usb port gets 5v and then 0v.

    So i manage to get the switch do thath when i hit the rc control. I put it on my aileron channel and when i stick right, on my tester i read 5v and then a drop to 0. Afterwards i conect the cable to the camera and stick right again but the script wont start.

    I saw that i needed to power through a ESC to get 5v flats. If i power with a battery directly, the output voltage varies from 6 to 5v...

    Has anyone do this already??

    I guess i´ll have to buy the gentwire cable, but in the meantime i need to make it work.

    My setup video


    • Hello, at the end I don't understand how to connecto the APM to the Canon camera using the USB cable.

      How can I build it?

      I saw that many people use the Gentwire cable (, but what is special about it?


  • Sounds great!do is there an accurate guide as to where to plug everything in and how to set n it up? The wiki is quite outdated.

  • Thanks for the info, guys.   I have a couple of Genwires now so I'm able to get started.  Anyone had any success in setting this up yet?   As already mentioned,  the wiki is out of date...


  • Where can I find a GenWIRE-USB2?

  • I also just got the GenWire-USB2.

    I hacked my camera, got a script in there, found the CHDK Arduplane Guide...and I don't get it at all.

    The guide is outdated, there is no "Servo" mode anymore, as far as I can tell. I did go into hardware and selected CH7 as Trigger, then set mode 10 on RC7_Mode. Is that the way to do it?

    Where do I connect the GenWire? Do I have to use one of the 8 Outputs? I'm flying an octocopter, using all 8 outputs?

    I just assumed that I could use one of the A-ports, like A08. But I find no reference on how to assign CH7 commands to a specific port. Or is it A07 by default?

    Help please! :)


    Magnus, Sweden

  • You will need a GenWIRE-USB2 cable..  I took mine apart to see what wire they used so I could make another myself but found a circuit board in there...    Doubt it something the average joe can figure out..  The cable is well worth the $50..

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