Cant get elevator work in the right direction in stabilize mode


i am setting a new plane for some experimentations, and i am facing an issue i never had before using apm, that s why i am here on my knees asking your help.

ELE is on chan 1 works perfectly in manual mode, but goes wrong direction in stabilize or other assisted mode.

So i ve tipped the reverse case in the mission planner, no changes, tipeds ele channel 1 reverse, no changes, am i missing something?

if you have any tips to share, would be great.

thxx for your time

best regards


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With a normal RC setup for a plane channel 1 is for aileron, channel 2 is for elevator, channel 3 is the throttle and the rudder is on channel 4.

If there are no ailerons then the rudder servo should be connected to the aileron output , CH 1.

If your transmitter has a different channel assignment and cannot be changed, you may then use the RCMAP_x parameters to reassign the channel order on the flight controller.   Link to RCMAP wiki.



thx a lot for your message, i guess apm did manage my channel assignement, cause in stabilized mode, all behaviour are correct except ele is reversed. i have 2 channels for aile (2&5) they works fine.

how come the the radio calibration menu, if i clic "reverse" in the ELE reverse box, that doesn t do a thing?

i ve power cycle it, it s showed as tipped so i guess it has saved it, but i don t see any reverse action in any assisted mode.

can it be done by cli? what would be the magic command line?

thx a lot for your help

best regards


just set rc1_rev to -1 and now it all works :))))))

hi chris,

now i ve fixed the issue, but i have this one, any ideas?

thxx for your time

best regards

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