Carbon Fiber enclosure and RF shielding issues

I've need to enclose my electronics including my 2.4ghz AR6200 DSM2 6-Channel Ultralite Receiverfor my project I need a 4"x4"x4" cube. I found a polycarbonate enclosure around close the size I need but it weighs .6lbs It's a bit too hefty so I've been looking at Carbon Fiber panels and I would build up my own lighter enclosure.The issue is what to do about RF shielding... All the R/C and R/F equipment would be inside this box but due too the R/F shielding issue I'm unsure what to do. Can I extend or modify the wire antennas so that they extend outside the box while its electronics are safely inside the box?Carbon Fiber enclosure and RF shielding issues.

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  • A good place to start looking for enclosures like this is

  • How about some sandwiched composite material? I have some of this stuff for a Rocket I'm in the middle of building. It's nomex honeycomb, and thin G-10 fiberglass bonded, it's strong, and lightweight. Might be an option...
    Click Products>Fins

    It's about 2/3 the way down...
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    there are receivers made for carbon fuslege, I think JR and futaba makes them too , spectrum too.
    extending 2.4 antenna may not bve good idea as you will mess the feed point impedence, etc
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