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JD posted a discussion
There seems to be a big, big  issue with builders frying the APM 2.0.A good many of them seem to know what they are doing.  What is the problem?I want to know once and for all how NOT to fry the APM 2.0.It's my understanding that the APM 2.0…
May 15, 2012
JD replied to droter's discussion APM 2.0 Power Supply
"I've been struggling with this as well.  In my case I have a servo that requires 6v...  I was planning on just running off the main battery.... but you guys have pointed out some really valid issues.
I just ordered a castle creations BEC, If I did…"
May 11, 2012
JD replied to JD's discussion Modified Sparkfun usb explorer
"Never mind, I decided to just buy the XtremeBee adapter!  Scratch that off the list... about a billion other unanswered questions left."
May 10, 2012
JD replied to Charles Winter's discussion Powering the Ardupilot Board
"I'm having a bit of a different issue and could use some clarification on how to power everything.
In my case I am use a large servo that requires 6v or 7v and my Castle Creations Phoenix Ice 50 BEC is programmed to output 6v accordingly.
So I need…"
May 9, 2012
JD posted a discussion
Hey guys... I'm gearing up my new APM 2.0 and as such I would like to set up telemetry.I have a couple questions1. I have a couple Sparkfun usb explorer boards that I had for a Mikrokopter project.  One was for the ground pc usb connection the other…
May 9, 2012
JD posted a discussion
I a newbie with a brand spanking new APM 2.0 and I'm looking for some good starting off info.  My airframe doesn't use any elevators for pitch control. The throttle exclusively controls climb/descent ie pitch.  I'm looking for ideas/options which…
May 4, 2012
JD commented on Chris Anderson's blog post LA Times op-ed: Overturn RC rules and make UAV hobbyists get licenses!
"I agree that there needs to be different degrees and levels of licensing or UAVs.  Here's how I see it.  If you are operating very large UAV over urban areas above 400ft agl.  Sure that makes sense.  If you are planning or want operate UAV in and…"
Mar 28, 2012
JD replied to Andrew Van Der Plaats's discussion Sea Breeze Parachute platform
"I'm too am curious!  Is there is any information as to how an ardupilot might be set to fly a paraglider/wing, coding and such?"
Aug 11, 2011
JD posted a discussion
I've need to enclose my electronics including my 2.4ghz AR6200 DSM2 6-Channel Ultralite Receiverfor my project I need a 4"x4"x4" cube. I found a polycarbonate enclosure around close the size I need but it weighs .6lbs It's a bit too hefty so I've…
Dec 22, 2009