Carbon fiber wings

Is there anyone out there making really high-quality large-scale carbon fiber wings for UAVs? Greater than 2.5 meters? The RC soaring community has embraced the idea of carbon fiber spar tubes and structures for some time now, much like the Insitu Scan Eagle. Most hobbyists seem to have problems making accurate enough molds for such a design, probably requiring 3D printing technology or other high start-up costs combined with limited markets. If we ever want to really get our flight endurance up to any higher levels than we are presently seeing it is probably going to come from this type of technology. Any good sources out there?

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  • I am interested. can you please email me?

  • We are in the research phase of using carbon fiber wings for UAVs in the 8 foot length or greater than 2.5 meters.  These wings have carbon fiber spar tubes integrated to a D Leading edge, reinforced with composite ribs which increase strength toward wing root.  Development, so far, is slow.  Wing strength design handles 20G's + or - without regard to fuse to achieve max strength and stiffness to weight.  Its sorta like bridge construction.  The Trailing edge wing section is also reinforced to maintain dynamic performance.  Further, we are also exploring high alpha flight configuration and not stall the botmite aircraft. 



    hope it help you and if you decide to start a wing forming le us know will giv you som tips for a cheap vac forming prosses

    and soon as the fuselag is finish will start the wings and il send you som pic of the all prosses


    not the figur is to show ar hown desing witch we know not everybudy will agree on bu we dont care it works for us lol, i m franche canadien so plz forgive my orthograph :)


  • Hello, yes you ar right the technology is out ther but nead to be adapted to your nead, and wee ar working on a 4 meters wing desing for a solar cell emplemented wing (laminar flow desing) on a conventional hallow ribes desing ( balsa ribes skin and topkot ) is suceptible to ocilation and ther for lost of laminar separatoin, the goal her is to desing a wing that is capeble of low crusing speed ( energy manedgement an long flight ) and keep a lift eficency and drag reduction , the materiel avaleble on the marquet is often to thickly wouven or to loos and it cause the problem of higher level of bounding substra ( epoxy,urethane,vinyl polyester polymer ) ther for hevyer and mor weak, ther is good quality cloth on the market 2k,4 oz twill or plain woven for thin application but it is expencive and hard to get however if the weight ratioo is so mutche a issu as it is for us a 6oz plain woaven is fine for a single skin aplication, i order to get the maximum property of carbon fiber it must be satureted with a non catayitic resin at 85% vacum forme to remouve all air pocket and conclave oven cure , if conclave oven is not avaleble just cure at 325deg for the recomended periode it will be fine be prepair to spend sommes tomatos for a good quality cloth ( around 250$ to 300$ a yard for the skin and 120$ to 200$ a yards for the ribes) i know outch! but no pain no gain lol.


    below a quick drawing of ar howne desing


    hope that help you, and if you start somting keep us up dated and will do the same as ar 5th and last desing is in production as we speak


    carbon fiber demo.jpg

  • Hi, im a newbie for this site...

     The Carbon Fiber Wings have a high quality fiber levels...



    C.P. RYAN

    • I have a skywalker 1900 fpv which I use for mapping. Could you make me a 1900mm carbon wing to the same specs. The standard wingg is attached to the fuselage with bungee cord.
  • I can make the kind of wing you're looking for. It will required 3D modeling, CNC machine mould/plug and composite layup with vacuum bag sandwich to give strong and light structure.

    But just so you know carbon fibre fabric cost up to $100/nominal meter and Rohacell/Herex sandwich material aslo cost just as much. CNC cost up to $200/hr and so on...

    Let me know if I can be of any assistance with your project.



  • Most of the sailplane guys that I know, know how to vacuum bag fiberglass over foam wing cores with CF spars. These wings are built in sections (such as a center section with constant chord, and 2 outer sections with tapered chord). Any wingspan size can be built.

    You can buy precision foam airfoil cores from the web. Or you can make a hot wire cutter, and cut your own.

    The unasked question is, "Is a good airfoil design for a competition thermal endurance sailplane, what we should be using for UAVs?"   There are a number of good sailplane airfiols that, over 3m, will thermal a UAV. Any of them will get you endurance, with the electric motor turned off. But what payload do you want to carry? What max speed do you need?

  • U should use the vaccum bagging system to build ur wings


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