Channel 6 problems

I just installed a 6 position switch in my Tunigy 9x Tx to use as my mode selector. Previously I'd been mixing Ch5 and Ch6 to get 6 postions for modes. As a result I had nothing connected to the Ch6 input.

Now that I've reclaimed Ch6 I want to use it to control camera pitch, so I set my Tx up to use one of the potentiometers as the input for this channel. The "Display" function of the 9x shows that this input is controlling this channel. However when I try and calibrate it in APM this channel just shows an input between 1500 - 1501. All the other channels work as expected.

Yes I've checked that Ch6 is connected properly. I've even changed the cable for it. What's strange is when I unplug any of the other channels all the inputs in APM setup fall to the default 1500. However when I unplug Ch6 nothing happens.

What's happening here, what am I missing? How do I get channel 6 back?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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  • By the way i need help regarding the modes setup. What is the best configuration that you tried? If i have to use six modes, is it necessary to lose one channel i.e. Channel 6. Can't i set up the modes with channel 5 and channel 8?

  • Did you disable the mixing in the prog.mix in the menu? Go to each mixer that you tried to change for mixing (or all so that there is no doubt) and set the state of each mixer to INH i.e. In active. I think this might solve your problem.

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