cheap x525 foldable frame big thumbs up

After I crashed my original arducopter frame I was looking for a new frame. I really wanted a foldable one so I can take it more easy with me on holidays. For the hell of it I bought the foldable x525 frame from goodluckbuy wich is $42 incl. shipping. I expected it to be rubish and of bad quality. But i am astonished as the frame is of great quality. I have been really abusing the frame now for a couple of days and it is really strong and solid. Folds great and the quality is actualy verry good. This frame really is a no brainer and gets my Steal of the week rating. So if you are looking for a cheap but verry strong folding frame then this is the one. BTW. it is about the same weight as the original arducopter 1.1 frame.

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  • these are on sale right now for $29.99!!!



    HAve fun!

  • Looks good for the price.  At 80 bucks the seemingly unbreakable plastic DJI Flamewheel, with PDB built into the base-plate, looks like a big winner.  Got one coming and will post about it once flown.  The Wookong stuff is very attractive too, but that's another story.

  • Please see the embedded pic, thought this might help you...


    1.  On the left, you can clearly see where the motor mount has broken.

    2.  In the middle one you can start to see the signs of the motor mount taken strain.

    3.  This is the doubler i made.  I do not glue it to the other, but simply allow all the bolts through both pieces allowing all the additional strength.



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    I have the X1 on sale on my site...

    they are made by Jani at jDrones and from the same factory as the X525.  They come with the electronic tower and power distribution board.  

    A nice plus is that they are all made compatible with the original Arducopter parts... 

    That is why they are $89... when you add it up it's close to the goodluckbuy price but you get them fully inspected for quality! 

    Shipping starts on Jan 7th! 

  • Was just out flying my X525 and the motor mount snapped.  I check one of my others and it has signs of ware on it.  I purchased two of these frames so I would have spares.  I have taken a new motor mount, traced it onto fibreboard 1.5mm and have used a bench sander and drill press to make additional supports to double up the motor mount effectively increasing their strength.  I now cannot brake the motor mount with full strength using my hands.  This should resolve the weakness.  There are no signs of ware or breakage on the main frame section that I can see.


    The break is just after the two screws holding the mount in place, where the two motor holes are.



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    ***** Wow, didn't know about what a great site!  Thanks for excellent resource.

  • I too am flying this frame.  Pretty pleased with it.  Anyone willing to share there Motors, props and pids?

  • could you post a link?

  • I have the latest version with the red and black arms.

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