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I'm thinking of getting a Fireball V90 ( but open to other suggestions on the same price region) to machine parts for an octo copter and gimbal.

I have a few questions:

- looking at, I have seen the method of using screws to assemble 2D g10 pieces into a 3D object. What is this called? I can't seem to find any information/design guidlines for producing such an assembly.

- what sort of endmill should I be using for cutting such slots in g10? I'm thinking of using 1-2mm g10, but want to make sure that I can cut it properly using the V90. Is a 1/16" endmill too small?

For both these points, I am looking for pointers in the right direction: I'm currently having a hard time getting the required information (likely missing some key terms). Obviously the best would be a link to someone who has done that type of assembly with a V90.

Thanks for any info!


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  • The Fireball should be fine for your needs.   I just finished making a camera gimbal from 2D pieces.   The 1/16" bit is fine for making the slots, but I would use a 1/8" bit to cut the parts out.   Using the 1/16" bit to cut out the parts out will wear out the bit faster.

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