Hi everyone !

I'm a trainee who works to make autonomous a maverick x8 drone. For that, I have got a Pixhawk, Odroid and C++ program (c_uart_interface_exemple) which permits me to communicate telemetrically between Pixhawk and Odroid using MAVlink protocol.

As program isn't complete, I have added 3 methods to send heartbeat from my GCS, to arm my Pixhawk and to take off.

But I have got problem... After few weeks of researchs and tests, I still can't observe any pwm outputs in main out of my Pixhawk with an oscilloscope when I change postion/velocity/acceleration. I think my messages/commands are sent because when I pre-arm with safety switch and send my arm command, Led's Pixhawk become solid blue (I don't have GPS for the moment) and I saw on the web(1) that Solid blue: Armed with no GPS lock.

Someone know how can I solve my problem, please ? Somebody could tell me what I forgot to do ?

Thank you in advance ! :)

1 : http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-leds-pixhawk.html

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UP !

I got know GPS and the pixhawk LED become solid green when I arm by Mavlink command : arming success ! I have also written one C++ method to take off my drone, it's work because I see in nutshell "Taking off" or something like this. I also checked mixers but they initialize properly.

But always no PWM outputs.

Is it mandatory to powering off the servo rail with BEC or ESC even if I don't plug anything to main output ?? Because when I make command "pwm test -a -p 2000" for example in nutshell, I can see PWM signal on oscillo which correspond to the command...

Is it possible that my firmware which has bug ? I use QGroundControl to upload it so it sounds strange but I'm running out of ideas.

Help me please !

PS: I also got bug with sd card logging, anybody knows anything on this matter ?

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