Compass interference and graphing mag_field

Bad toilet bowl in loiter today after many weeks of perfect flying with pixhawk on hexacopter. According to the wiki, one should check for compass interference by graphing logs.

Instructions specifically say to plot mag_field against throttle position. When I plot mag_field, there is none. No data. In fact, for all 50 logs since this build, there never has been one. Unless it does not show on the graph due to scale? Or is there a problem that the compass is not working?


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  • I was puzzled about this too. I found that the pixhawk will log 2 types of data. 1 type is saved on the onboard memory card. This is the logs you are looking at. The other logs are telemetry logs which are saved to a laptop via bluetooth. This page explain the 2 types.

    I found out about t5his as I also have the toilet bowl issue and am trying to puzzle it out. I think if you strap down the UAV and then use a USB to the mission planner app you could throttle up and get some readings needed to see what the interference might be.

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