Complete Newb needs advice

Alright fellas......I've started my project and I need some help cause I'm struggling!

I've bought a Foamaroo air frame that I'm planning on doing some areal photography and I'd like to add sort of telemetry so that I can have FPV and send commands to the APM 2  while in flight.  Doesn't look like the Xbee kit has that ability.  What do I need to install to add some FPV ablility?



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  • Hey Dean,

    They have all that stuff. You need a video link. The Xbee is just for telemetry data. Then you need to get a video analog to digital converter and put that from your video receiver to the converter to your laptop. There will be some latency on the video that will cause control problems if you fly fpv(pio). The big boys always take off and land with a direct video link. Mostly due to satcom latency. I haven't flown manually with with the computer screen, but from experience with web cams there is always detectable latency. Or you might get the rubber pencil effect:)

    Here's one example of fpv stuff.  Remember this, video analog, rc time analog, data- xbee. There is much to learn...

  • Yes the Xbee can send commands from  the mission planner or other custom input  device. What kind of commands do you need to  send? Kind of hart to push the right button when you are wearing FPV goggles. If you mean head tracking that would be done through the normal RC channels.

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