Config Tool, Online, Off please

HI Guys,


Looking for a little information here...not sure if im in the right place!?


Well, now that our system is all up and running well....were obviously trying all sorts of missions...


However, im having problems with the config tool.


To explain...


Where we are based we have no Broad Band (Moved the business and didnt check -Dah!) so to set up missions, we bring the GCS to anywhere BB is (in this case home for me).


So we set up a mission it down...


turn off wifi, and reload the mission and any given mission will load in about 1 in 3 times..its a bit like Russian roulett...especially if in a hurry to create a mission before work..


Some missions load some of the time, some missions wont load at all, we get un-handled exceptions....


can anyone (HK?) ? explain this or am i doing somthing obviously wrong?


When we were here...BB was on 24-7 so it never caused us a problem...but now it really is..


e.g Tonight im trying to sort a 10wp mission for tomorrow, over a long distance, and for the life of me i cant get it to re-load if offline...


tried clearing the missions and re-saving with new names..also re-opening the tool for every save/load nothing seams to make any difference..


im sure that 99% of poeple are using this with BB, but for us its not possible at this time (its not that we havnt tried to get it..we are just soooo far from exchanges)


Is there a way or protocol with the config that i can write for LV (have a basic understanding with my GCS that preceeded Autos.) so maybe add it to the the present GCS to simplify


for the record, im not complaining its a great tool and we would be royaly tucked up without it, just we need it to work more than it is at the moment..


Thank you in advance..







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  • Hi Mike,
    I am currently looking into setting up waypoints within GCS - which means Google Earth ( not maps) which means offline :)

    There are few "quirks" (spl?) beacuse Google Earth COM API does not expose needed properties/methods (much easier for Google Maps...). I can get coordinates on GE from mouse position or a click, etc. but just need time ( family and work permitting to investigate further).

    I think that talking to ArduPilot via LabVIEW ( to set up WP, etc.) should be fairly trivial....
  • Anyone got any ideas?

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