Connection Error in APM Mission Planner with wireless telem

Earlier today I had the Mission Planner communicating perfectly with the APM (1.4). But now when ever I try to connect the usual window comes up and says "Getting Params.. (sysid 1 compid 1)". Then that stays for roughly 30seconds then I get "Connect Failed"

What is really interesting is that when I use HK GCS it connects no problem. 

I do have the baud at 57k and I have run the X-CTU on both XBees and everything seemed good there. What else should I try?

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Can sombody test this by modifying the code.

in GCS_Mavlink.pde around line 880


    if (_queued_parameter != NULL) {
        if (streamRateParams.get() <= 0) {
        if (stream_trigger(STREAM_PARAMS)) {




    if (_queued_parameter != NULL) {
        if (streamRateParams.get() <= 0) {
        if (stream_trigger(STREAM_PARAMS)) {



and see if that helps. i cant test as i dont have anything to that has this issue

What code is that C, visual C?, its been years since I programmed. Where is the code found? in the source repository?

OK found the code and where it needs modifying  Now a steep learning curve on how to modify it and how does it get compiled? Any help would be greatly appreciated from anyone experienced with this!

Change made and patch suggestion submitted, what happens next?

i posted this code so someone could test that this fix works. as it has not been tested.

the code is in c and part of ardupilot

I'm having this same problem. I'm using MP 1.2.34 and ArduCopter 2.9.1 for Tricopter. I had been able to use my 915mhz 3DR radios until I powered up and a friend connected to my tri when trying to connect to his quad, since we were both running default settings at the time. I connected to his as well when I tried to connect. Once we sorted that out, I haven't been able to connect telemetry since. I get "Getting Params.. (sysid 1 compid 1)" then "Connect Failed".

I've tried resetting to defaults, switching USB-side radio (I have 2), still no luck. Any suggestions? when I try the Ctrl-T method, it seems to connect sometimes, but it never loads any stats or data. 

Did you finally where able to solve this issue? I'm having the same issue with Arduplane, APL2 and the XBEE 868MHz radio's. I can't get the telemetry working wirelessly.

Control T works very efficiently, but as you say doesn't always load the rest of the data.

We are getting the connection to work now, albeit still stumbling a bit as it says already got parameter etc, but seems to not time out and eventually connect. It seems to stumble less on arducopter than arduplane, absolutely no idea why!

No idea what is causing this as the suggested code change has not been implemented.

Control/T does not work for me unfortunately I tried various setups today:

*Use UART0 hard wired

*Disabled XBee CTS on APM side

*Changed my Adafruit XBee Adapter kit [v1.1] on the PC end by the XBIB-U-DEV

*Swapped the Adafruit XBee Adapter kit [v1.1] on the APM side by the one from the PC

*Checked Voltage on the APM (5.2V), the regulator of the Adafruit XBee Adapter kit [v1.1] maybe gets overloaded is is getting very hot

*Reduces the resend of the XBee from 3 to 1

But unfortunately none of the options worked for me.

If I test the link quality using the Xbee Dev Kit all seems wel, the Adafruit XBee Adapter kit [v1.1 gets powered by the FTDI cable on 4.75 Volt.

I ordered the XtreamBee XBee adapter board to replace the Adafruit XBee Adapter kit [v1.1 because I am suspecting that the XBee Pro is not getting enough power.

I placed a Diode in series with the APM and the XBee power lines.

CTRL-T is working now but with a lot of packet loss:

After some time the data stops flowing through. Led light in XBee on on APM side.

When I recycle power on the XBee the data starts flowing again:

Hello, really need your help. Connected to the xbee 868 apm2.5, everything works fine, but after a while xbee stops working since 10% of the limit (10% duty cycle). Tell me please: how to implement an automatic reset every 5 minutes.

Well I tried every suggestion in this thread and still no bluetooth connection (which had worked well for more than a week with 2.8.1 and MP v1.2.41).  I upgraded MP (now I believe it is up to v50) and still no work around for bluetooth - and freedom from that damn USB cable. I need to calibrate and don't want to get "tied up".

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