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born 1939, retired from teaching to concentrate on other hobbies

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micro, 450 clone, KK2.0, aquacopter built, APM2.5 525 in process (bad vibrations)



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Bob Shepherd replied to Brady D's discussion Connection Error in APM Mission Planner with wireless telem
"Well I tried every suggestion in this thread and still no bluetooth connection (which had worked well for more than a week with 2.8.1 and MP v1.2.41).  I upgraded MP (now I believe it is up to v50) and still no work around for bluetooth - and…"
May 15, 2013
Bob Shepherd replied to oejang aja's discussion Mission Planner slow and cannot upload firmware
"- same problem with 1.2.48. For more than a week I was using bluetooth to transfer parameters with 1.2.44 - with a fast connection and transfer. After upgrading to 1.2.48, it takes more than a second or two for the dialog box to appear and bluetooth…"
May 3, 2013
Bob Shepherd replied to Craig Elder's discussion APM Copter 2.9.1.b has been released
"1st, much appreciation of the work done by the devs.
Old noob here who just spent more than a week getting bluetooth to work (yea no USB) with FW: 2.8.1 & MP: 1.2.44 ... had BT etc working perfectly, and was ready to calibrate and tune ...
Then I…"
Apr 30, 2013
Bob Shepherd replied to Frank Al's discussion Balancing propellors and motors
"Frank FYI, the software seems to be working as I can load and review the samples (getting a "could not find ... smp.meta").  This project is just what the doctor ordered to reduce my blood pressure - while attempting to balance prop and motor…"
Feb 26, 2013