Help! I can't decide which one. I have always used Futaba's in the FM days and never had a complaint. I was given a cheap 6 channel Spektrum radio (actually 5 channels because chan 6 mimics aileron...go figure) which I'm not impressed with at all, although the availability of cheap rx's is cool. So I want to get a good hexacopter radio. I've narrowed it down to the Futaba 8FG or the Aurora 9 and I waffle pretty much daily about which to get. I don't care how easy or hard it is to program because I'll figure it out regardless. They both seem equally reliable link wise depending on who you ask.

I like about Futaba:

-14 channels
-SBUS seems like a good idea in an airplane
-Seems really flexible, availability of switches and knobs programmable as desired
-Single wire pair input feed to the APM

I don't like about Futaba:

-SBUS seems expensive with the APM...seems like I need an adapter? I know I need an adapter to use any of my old analog servos for whatever reason
-Receivers are expensive
-Fewer third party rx options
-No telemetry option...but do I really need it since I have a 3dr telemetry radio?
-Doesn't appear to be modular to support future transmitter upgrades (none of my FMs are without major hacks so they are all in a box in the basement)

Aurora positives:

- slightly less expensive for initial tx/rx
- more third party rx options
- Hitek brand rx are cheaper than Futaba
- no adapters for APM
- telemetry option


- only 9 channels
- fewer switches and knobs
- can't find anything indicating it can do single pair input to APM

What am I missing? Help me decide....

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Don't forget the Aurora 9 has sliders on the left and right side of the radio. Unfortunately Hitec doesn't support the PPM sum input for the APM, but I have asked their support for this feature and it sounds like they're working on it (you should email their support and ask for it as well, The Aurora 9 has some telemetry out of the box like flight pack voltage. The 3DR radio can do this but I find it nice to have the voltage right there on the transmitter in your hand. I think either way you can't go wrong, both are great radios.

For what it's worth, there's a third party receiver for Hitec that does the PPM sum.

I like both those brands. But I wish they'd go back to the days of using RF modules. Then we could choose the "best" Tx modules (IMO none of the brands mentioned so far in this thread...), or at least our preferred one to match our preferred RX type, plus cheaper and "better" receivers with PPM ("single wire") etc.

I think this is why some of the quality older TXs are in good demand now. One other thing I like is having the main display up top, closer to where my eyes are; or at least a smaller/secondary "flying screen" up there like some of the future designs have.

Yeah, I'm not too happy with the current designs, they are so copy-cat and not so well thought out for our use, so I'm not buying a new one now. These guys gotta get their act together and stop being so proprietary too. While they still can.

For what it's worth the Aurora 9 has a user replaceable transmitter module on the back. Some other radio manufacturers have stopped doing this (which I don't like either).

For what it's worth, I got a used Futaba 8fg off yesterday. A lot of people are upgrading to the new 14sg so there's a bunch of 8fg radios appearing on the used market.

Hello. I am glad know that you are using Hitec Aurora 9. My problem is that I cannot get six modes from the two position switch even after referring previous forum posts about it.

I just bought the Aurora 9 about a month ago, so maybe it's related to the new firmware on Aurora 9. Could you please share you setttings that achieve the six flight modes?

I use these with my 8fg. Tiny and has CPPM (one cable without need for adapter) and RSSI (PWM) output

NOTE: I had to build a little digital to analogue filter to get the RSSI working!

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