Consensus: Futaba 8FG or Aurora 9?

Help! I can't decide which one. I have always used Futaba's in the FM days and never had a complaint. I was given a cheap 6 channel Spektrum radio (actually 5 channels because chan 6 mimics aileron...go figure) which I'm not impressed with at all, although the availability of cheap rx's is cool. So I want to get a good hexacopter radio. I've narrowed it down to the Futaba 8FG or the Aurora 9 and I waffle pretty much daily about which to get. I don't care how easy or hard it is to program because I'll figure it out regardless. They both seem equally reliable link wise depending on who you ask.I like about Futaba:-14 channels-SBUS seems like a good idea in an airplane-Seems really flexible, availability of switches and knobs programmable as desired-Single wire pair input feed to the APMI don't like about Futaba:-SBUS seems expensive with the APM...seems like I need an adapter? I know I need an adapter to use any of my old analog servos for whatever reason-Receivers are expensive-Fewer third party rx options-No telemetry option...but do I really need it since I have a 3dr telemetry radio?-Doesn't appear to be modular to support future transmitter upgrades (none of my FMs are without major hacks so they are all in a box in the basement)Aurora positives:- slightly less expensive for initial tx/rx- more third party rx options- Hitek brand rx are cheaper than Futaba- no adapters for APM- telemetry optionNegatives:- only 9 channels- fewer switches and knobs- can't find anything indicating it can do single pair input to APMWhat am I missing? Help me decide....

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  • I use these with my 8fg. Tiny and has CPPM (one cable without need for adapter) and RSSI (PWM) output

    NOTE: I had to build a little digital to analogue filter to get the RSSI working!

  • For what it's worth, I got a used Futaba 8fg off yesterday. A lot of people are upgrading to the new 14sg so there's a bunch of 8fg radios appearing on the used market.
  • For what it's worth, there's a third party receiver for Hitec that does the PPM sum.

  • Don't forget the Aurora 9 has sliders on the left and right side of the radio. Unfortunately Hitec doesn't support the PPM sum input for the APM, but I have asked their support for this feature and it sounds like they're working on it (you should email their support and ask for it as well, The Aurora 9 has some telemetry out of the box like flight pack voltage. The 3DR radio can do this but I find it nice to have the voltage right there on the transmitter in your hand. I think either way you can't go wrong, both are great radios.

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