Controlling video signal from Mission planner using arduplane

Hi, I am using two camera (Day and Night) payload in my plane but I have only one video transmitter which can communicate to video RX connected to Ground station (GCS). Now I want to send one of  the video signal to video tx one at a time. To do that I have designed a mux circuit which expect a DIO Input from ardupilot. One of the Ardupilot DIO OUT HIGH (1) makes 1st camera ON and DIO LOW (0) makes the 2nd camera ON. I want to toggle it from Mission planner(expecting a button on the GUI).

Things that I have tried:

I tried with "servo" tab on the mission planner. servo 11 ON and OFF to to  toggle channel 11 on the ardupilot but as servo ON and OFF are all 5V 19 to 20 ms signal It does not help me to switch between cameras.

Can anyone provide some input and help me doing this? Will any modification in arduplane code do?

Thank you for your time.   

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there are video transmitter with switchable 2 inputs 32 channel 5.8GHZ . but you need a 32ch Video receiver that support it. also a new one with RC switchable channels.

My store:

For 2 Cam setup

RC swicheble

Hi OG, you have shown nice video transmitter system but it doesn't serve my purpose. I mean I already have existing system with me  and I want to do software modification in Arduplane and mission planner so that I would be able to switch between cameras from mission planner. 

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