I'm a freshman at Portland State University working on a project with a team to create a quad copter with (for the purposes of intellectual property protection)  "unique capabilities," that require a high payload in a relatively small aircraft. 

- Has anyone converted this model of quad to an X8 before? 

- What is the recommended power distribution board?

(We bought an octocopter power distribution board from hobby king but it seems to lack the digital connection that the 3DR quad board came with. The pins that feed to the backside grid of the pixhawk) Which leads me to my next question:

- Does a 3DR APM pixhawk require a 3DR power distribution board?

- Any tips for fastening the bottom motors to the arms?

Any and all comments are appreciated. We are on a tight timeline so let us know what you have to say!


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  • I have done this already...

    Some things were a tight fit for sure! I used a small pdb rated at 20A (as my motors wouldn't take more than that):


    I just used the DIY quad frame and now it's X8 :)


    Tuning has been an issue but getting there now!

    I even bought the X8 official case and it fits great!:


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cNeR0akgBw - Position hold test

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D14RTDzY9_E - Redundancy Example

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlEcbthNWAw - One of the first few test flights

    If you have any questions shout :)

  • Great Question!

    Surprised no one has responded.

    William I was researching doing this same project and came across your thread.

    What about using 2 3dr quad power distribution boards? Just tie the power leads together coming from the battery, 1 board would plug into 1-4, and the other 5-8.

    To answer your question, yes I think you want to use a power distribution board. You could solder a big clump of wires together and accomplish power distribution but it would be messy and most likely less reliable. You might also need a BEC for the 5v to power APM. 

    For fastening the motors, I think everything you would need is already there except the screws. Just mount them to the bottom plate. You might have to drill some holes. You can also use some motor mounting plates like this.....see pic

    Please update this post if you find a better PDB solution.




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