Copter being LAZY - not hitting Waypoints

My Copter isn't reaching Waypoints before the Mission Planner anounces it's heading to the next one. It seems like it gets quite a few Waypoints ahead of itself based on its GPS & visual position.

I'm using the latest Firmware & Mission Planner in a Quadcopter. My Wapoint Radius is set to 1 or 2.

For example I set up a Grid pattern (about 60m x 60m square) with Camera Triggers. It was just counting off the Waypoints almost as quick as it could announce them. I tried adding 0.5 sec delays at each waypoint but it didn't help much.

Then I tried a 25 metre radius circle with about 20 Waypoints. The Quad flew a 15 metre circle inside the Waypoints marked.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a trait of the Mission Planning protocols?

Photo: The Quad flew a circle inside the one planned.


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    What the radius for you WPs? Try reducing the diameter of the waypoint radius.
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