Can anybody help analysing the cause of this crash?

The copter started a test mission without any troubles and after reaching a waypoint, he started to yaw constantly but continued to follow the mission path.

After a couple of seconds the pilot switched out of AUTO mode into PosHold and then down to STAB, but the copter kept on spinning. The resulting oscillation of trying to get the copter stable and dealing with the ongoing spin resulted in a crash.

When I looked at the log-files, I can see the actual yaw following the desired yaw nicely. Until this very certain waypoint where the desired yaw goes up to 360, stays there for 3 seconds and then drops to 0 and stays there - all still during AUTO mode. When the desired yaw goes up to 360, the copter started its constant yaw and did not stop unitil crashed.

We are aware of the z-vibrations being not super nice, but I am pretty sure that this is not the cause of this behaviour. The copter holds it's altitude pretty nicely.

Frame type is a X8.

Any ides or suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated!




2016-03-09 17-34-25.tlog

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        • Yes, flying with only 7 props has been tested, the last test this morning.

          As you can see, the copter flies nicely without one prop attached. The motor mounts were not loose before or after the crash, no twisted booms or anything like that.

          • Have you tried somehow removing or eliminating one motor or prop in flight - a far more demanding and very dynamic test that could destabilise the flight controller?


            • Peter, we did not try that.

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