Why this stupid software suddenly switched from STABILIZE mode to LAND mode by itself when all of the sudden lost GPS fix in my basement , it crashed broke a lot of stuff and I could not disable throttle it was flying on it's own until it broke all props damaged 1 arm and only then I had to disconnect battery to save motors  and stop my hexa, please check my .tlog file.

my last flight starts at 86% of the file.

What can I do to fix it?


FIRMWARE  : 3,01

all balanced calibrated and was flying outside OK!


TLOG file attached.


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Can't imagine GPS signal is very good in the basement my friend!

I knew GPS will be lost but why LAND mode?  it never happed in firmware 2.7 - 2.9!

I read about 3,01 firmware and it does not say anywhere that system will switch to LAND in case of lost GPS FIX.

I could fly for hours on MANUAL MODE with no GPS in my basement before!  This nosense has to end.

I don't have an answer as to why it switched from stab to land.. i agree the log looks crazy that it automatically switched to LAND; but :

do you have any other failsafe set to land? I wish there was a way to see what failsafe actually triggered the action.

here is the info for 3.0.1 GPS. It will only launch GPS failsafe "If the current mode is requiring a 3D GPS fix (RTL, AUTO, LOITER, CIRCLE, POSITION, GUIDED) then auto Landing will occur after a 5 seconds delay."  http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/gps-failsafe/


Yes , I just found that too. I guess a bit too late :( .  Failsafe turned on . If I could switch to any other mode and switch back to stabilize I would take over the control again.

By the way how does the LAND procedure looks like? does it climb to certain height and then slowly lowers it's ALT ?


LAND with GPS is 'loiter' with descent.

LAND without GPS is stabilise with descent.

It does not climb as RTL would.

But he said he was in Stabilize mode, not requiring a gps fix - so what triggered the failsafe?

not sure how to view the ERR that occurred with tlogs, i'm only aware of a way of seeing them through dataflash logs (post them if you can Jacek)

Hi Jacek, sorry to hear about your crash.

It did switch to Land because Fence is enabled. This is explained here in the fence warnings.



Its getting extensive with all those states in AC and the automatic switching between them!
I wonder who has the full overview (not me not many who were not in the project from the beginning). And, if it all in all prevents more mishaps or causes more.

At least part of the problem is the hit-and-run posting about problems without logs. so in this case, we'll likely never know what happened as the original poster has disappeared without posting logs :(

I posted my LOG in my 1st post  look at attachment,  2013-08-02 21-44-52.tlog, 1.3 MB

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