I see rctimer is selling these for $63, and it looks to have pretty similar hardware spec to the APM2. It says that it supports Multiwii and MegapirateNG code.

After my oilpan died the other day, this looks like a worthy secondary board to have a go with.

Has anyone got/tried one?

Would I be correct in thinking that it should be possible to get telemetry data output in the S0/FTDI port so that a minimOSD could be connected? The GPS I used for my APM1 should also plug into the I2C port too right?



All in one pro v2 is now available from RCtimer and Unmanned tech

All in one Pro setup

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I have one, in process of PID tuning for 550 quad for megapirate. Seems like people are happy - most bugs are sorted. Some nice flying videos. Hard to beat for the money. Some issues with GPS but is sorted for the (RC Timer) UBLOX CNO6 and I think others are working but some issues. Documentation is hard to come by but this forum is very good and everything you need is there. You need to be aware of multiwii and megapirate thread running side by side - can be confusing. I have a word file with relevant links and images that follows the thread from the beginning for MPng - PM me if you want it.

One of the most interesting docs in the rcgroups forum is the ublox tweaking. NEO 6m is much cheaper than LEA 6, the problem is that it doesn't have flash memory to hold the settings and that doc show how to add a flash memory to the NEO 6 :D

Yes that was a problem but in one of the later MPng revisions, all that has to be done is to select the u blox in config.h. Seems to have solved that issue

I fly 3 of these, one in quad one in octo and one in tri. 

I use MegaPrirate port as I trust the APM2's I have and know the software and features.

I do own as shown above APM2's.

So what do you loose ?

No logging, GPS is a bit odd to get working but can be done and when right works like a charm, its not click to update from the mission planner sadly, no direct board support,no documentation.

The last two is no big deal as we have this forums others and people here will help you.

So there you have it in a nut shell.  I do know the board well enough to help others but my time is limited due to job and life, I will help as I can though.

Does it fly well ? 

When loaded with 3DR code, I can't tell much difference other than listed above. For that I thank the fine bunch of dev's who wrote the line of Ardupilot software. While it takes a bit to get your head around it as it is not plug and play, when ya get her tuned up its like good sex !

Can't say much about Multiwii code on it, I used it , it flys fine but did not have the functions I need for Aerial Photography work. I am sure they will in time, I just need it today.

Ohh, and to add (Afterthought)  GPS yes,Telemetry yes,Sonar yes.

Generally any thing for Ardupilot works.

Let me know if I can help. Ill do what I can.


Oh ya, if you get one of these......be really careful with the usb port as you can rip it right off the board. Been there done that.

Its pads are to thin to hold it to the board and the designer has admitted it needs revised. Says next revision will have beefed up pads.

I moved to using the ftdi port cause I am like a gorilla with fragile things :)


Hi Guys

I have a Turnigy Talon Tricopter with a Criuis AIO Pro. I just flashed it with APM 2.5.1 and all seem good so far.

Are there any known issues with APM-2.5.1 and this board or with tricopters in general ?

many thanks

Hi Denny, The yaw code for tricopters didn't work all that well until it was fixed in 2.7.1 or so. It would yaw in the wrong direction to one side with small stick inputs. Also make sure you use a fast servo for the tail movement or you will get heading oscillations, but I'm sure you have that sorted.

hi can someone here explain to me how to used this board.. since i really new in this UAV system~~ i want to know hoe to uesd for each port.. if possible if u have datasheet for this u can email to me at dhirah25@gmail.com~~ really want to know more about it~~ thanks a lot!!

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